Curing Adhesives with Halogen

Key Facts

  • 6,000 Hour Life Expectancy
  • Full Temp of 4,040 degrees in one second
  • Cures Product From Inside Out
  • Converts 95% of Energy into Short Wave Infrared
  • Rated 1800 Watts at 220 or 480 volts
  • Safe to Work Around

The Halogen element is the most energy efficient heat source available. It reaches full operating temperature in one second and can be used in any type of drying or forming process. Used in HalCon Tunnels, they can operate in both medium and short wave heat and are also able to generate convection heat. These tunnels use 50% less power to operate than a gas system and are environmentally friendly with zero carbon emissions. From the manufacturing perspective, they reduce cure times--allowing for higher productivity--reduce heat in the factory for a much better employee working environment, and are safer than any gas system because the halogent elements are sealed and do not need oxygen to operate.

Medium Wave
Medium wave force flashes the coating to expedite curing at a wavelength of ~2.6 microns.
Short Wave
Short wave penetrates coatings to drive solvents out and complete the cure at a wavelength of ~1.1 microns.

The HalCon tunnel uses a touch-screen PLC for all tunnel operations and has the ability to communicate with the PowerCart conveyor system to initiate the heat program best suited for the product the PowerCart is carrying. The HalCon tunnel can also be used with water-based UV coatings to speed up the cure process to an average time of 5 to 8 minutes.

Our Halogen vs Catalytic Gas IR

Gas Catalytic IR Halogen