The PowerCart


Key Facts

  • Self-Propelled Cart travelling 40 fpm
  • Class 1, Div. 1 Explosion Proof
  • Small Factory Footprint
  • Can be Monitored in Real Time
  • Table-top spins 360 Degrees
  • UV3D and HalCon Tunnel Communication
  • 12v Battery Charged In-Line

Watch and Learn

The PowerCart is a self-propelled cart that uses an on-board micro-controller to process through a facility based on a user-selected program. It is powered by a 12 volt battery that is charged in-line along the 3/4" high ABS-plastic track that guides the cart. There are no hazardous chains or rails that can cut off areas of a facility, and forklifts can run over the track safely. With the PowerCart, you can reduce floorspace requirements and achieve a higher level of workmanship with fewer defects because an individual cart can be manually stopped anywhere on the line for as long as needed to to properly complete a task and then be released.

The carts operate at 40 feet per minute to quickly and safely deliver product down the line. They have the ability to to use multiple lines though track switches, which helps reduce floor area requirements on high labor tasks and allows an individual cart to loop through the system should multiple passes be required. It takes only 2 pounds of pressure on its front touch bumper to stop a cart, which makes them very safe compared to a chain-driven system. A cart will also stop if the table-top is moved out of position, and will wait for the table-top to be realigned. The Table-top itself can rotate 360 degrees to allow painters to easily access all sides of a product. Rated as Class 1, Division 1 explosion-proof, they can safely travel into any environment and communicate with a wireless network. The carts are extremely smart and can communicate with HalCon Tunnels and our UV3D robot cells. This communication, coupled with their ability to stop anywhere for a programmed amount of time, makes the carts ideal for curing water-based UV coatings on 3-Dimensional products. With Finish Line Support Prime Heat offers Finish Line monitoring and programming that gives you immediate updates on your system's production rate, problems that we detect and program changes that you may need.The robots can be programmed with multiple programs allowing the loading operator to pick the one best suited for the product being placed on the PowerCart. This ability to use UV green technology coatings on case good products with a 5 minute cure cycle will give a company a major technological and production efficiency advantage in a very competitive world market.