Key Facts

  • Water-Based UV is Environmentally Friendly
  • Less Sanding Required
  • Can be Purchased in Many Different Sheens
  • Safe to Work Around
  • Average Cure Cycle is 5 Minutes

UV Lamp

Switching to a water based UV coating has always been a problem for furniture and cabinet companies. The only systems available to process these coatings are flatline operations. Our customers in office furniture build the desk, apply the color and stain and then disassemble the desk so that they can apply a UV coating to the flat desk parts. This process is both time consuming, labor intensive and subject to rework issues from all the extra handling. To get a Greenguard certification, this was the only way this can be achieved. With the advances in water based UV coatings the advantages are numerous. They are extremely durable and comparible in hardness to a solvent based PU. They are safe, almost a zero VOC which makes you Green and gets the air pollution people off your back. They are easy to spray and work with and have a cure time usually half of any solvent coating. Sanding and touchups are also easy.

Prime Heat now offers a UV3D Robotic cure system for all types of products including chairs and case goods. This is a major energy saver, time saver and green system that allows you to build the product and completely UV spray and cure the entire product. It makes finishing easy.